LEGO Mini Build Night at Chinook

[twitter]Would you wait in line for 3 hours for FREE LEGO?

The first Tuesday of every month is Free LEGO Mini Build Night at The LEGO Store in Chinook Mall. And people start lining up around 2 o’clock for the fun.

The free LEGO Mini Build is a simple (and genius) idea. Kids get to come to the store and build a simple model that is usually based around the season. Witches, cats, helicopters, pumpkins, and UFOs are quickly built by feverish little hands. It’s fun. I scoop the boys up right after school, hustle down to The LEGO Store and then wait in line.

Our wait is usually about an hour, but others will camp out for up to three hours for free LEGO. Some are very resourceful and prepped for the ordeal. I’ve seen picnic blankets popped out and full on buffets served on the shopping mall floor while people wait for the free LEGO Mini Build Night at Chinook Mall to start.

LEGO Mini Build UFO

I’m not nearly as hardcore. In addition to actually waiting until my kids get out of school before heading down, I pack along some easy to grab snacks and a couple of iPads to tide them over until the event starts.

This time I tossed some Mott’s Fruitsations + Veggie, a fibre 1 bar, and a Nature Valley Sweet & Salty bar in my pocket for us to snack on. Forget the snacks and your only options are greasy mall food, or whining kids as they wait for a later than usual dinner.

LEGO Mini Build Snacks

It wasn’t a mall picnic, but it was easy to stuff in my pocket and the boys were happy to have a snack while they waited.  The lines have gotten so long at the free LEGO Mini Build Nights that they are starting earlier and earlier. Once the line has wrapped itself around the upper level of the mall a few times, they start to let the kids in. They’ll even let you grab a bag to do the build at home if you want.

Free LEGO MIni Build

Charlie was happy to bring it home, Zacharie plucked a spot at a table and built his in the store. It’s a crazy night filled with smiling kids, but the staff at The LEGO Store are all smiles as they pass out the builds and help the smaller fingers.

zacharie ufo

If you’re going to the free LEGO Mini Build at Chinook Centre know that you need to probably be there around 4 at the latest, and you will be waiting about an hour – so pack along some snacks and books or iPads to entertain.

The next free LEGO Mini Build at Chinook Centre is Tuesday, May 5.

Disclosure: I’m a Brand Ambassador for Life Made Delicious.

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