Force Friday 2

It’s like second Christmas, really.

In anticipation of new Star Wars films, Force Friday has been created – a day to reveal a massive line of toys, marketing tie ins, apps, and merchandise related to the new film.

Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi is not in theatres until December 15, but already kids are inventing storylines for new characters like Rose and BB-9E while simultaneously celebrating new ways to play with R2-D2 and the Millennium Falcon.

Force Friday II landed on September 1, here are some of the most talked about new items available in advance of The Last Jedi:

App-Enabled Droids by Sphero

app enabled droids sphero

Sphero’s BB-8 app enabled droid was the hit of Force Friday in 2016, and this year 2 new droids have joined him. From the dark side, BB-9E is a menacing astromech droid of the First Order while old friend R2-D2 (complete with beeps and boops) joins the droid roster.

Each of these droids is controlled by a smart device. They can interact with each other, go through droid trainers, and offer videos and holographic simulations of the Star Wars universe.

Availability: Best Buy Canada, Apple
Suggested Retail Price: $199.99 – $239.99 CAD

Droid Inventor Kit by LittleBits

droid inventor kit littlebits

Here’s a chance to be the envy of every Jawa, but building and programming your very own droid.  Using littleBits electronic blocks and the Droid Inventor app, you can teach your R2 unit tricks and complete more than 17 different missions. The kit comes with everything you need to customize R2D2 out of the box.

Availability: Best Buy Canada, Indigo Books & Music, Apple
Suggested Retail Price: $129.95 CAD

LEGO Star Wars 75176: Resistance Transport Pod

Who is Rose? She’s another one of the new characters unveiled on Force Friday II and she makes an appearance in this LEGO set.

Availability: toy retailers across Canada
Suggested Retail Price: $39.99 CAD

LEGO Star Wars 75189: First Order Heavy Assault Walker

You’d think the First Order would have learned some lessons with those AT-AT units back on Hoth. They’ve been updated for a new battle in The Last Jedi, and I’m betting Luke tells Rey exactly how to knock them over.

Availability: toy retailers across Canada
Suggested Retail Price: $169.99 CAD

You can see more of the new merchandise that arrived with Force Friday II, here.

Star Wars: Find The Force

While you’re out seeking the new gear, fans are being invited to join a global augmented reality (AR) event rolling out worldwide. It’s a pop-up treasure hunt to unite fans against the dark side at over 20 000 retail locations in 30 countries.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download the Star Wars App, which is your one-stop-shop for all things Star Wars (those who already have the app will need to download the latest version).

2. Visit any one of 20,000 participating retail locations to find a graphic that contains the Find the Force

3. When you scan the graphic using the Star Wars App, you’ll reveal a character, who through
augmented reality, will appear in the room with you.

4. You can then take photos, record videos, and share the experience on social media. Come back each day to reveal new characters

For more information, visit


Kids Hour: Coding the Droids from Star Wars
Join an exciting Kids Hour at your local Apple Store starring the galaxy’s favorite droids. Using the same code developers use every day, kids will bring Star Wars droids to life by programming simple movements, loops, and more. Then they’ll design a maze and navigate their droids through the obstacles. Kids can bring their own iPad and Sphero robot, or we’ll provide them. Recommended for ages 6 to 12.

kids coding droids

How To: Build Your Own Star Wars Trailer
Explore how to create a Star Wars trailer with authentic footage from the films with classes at your local Apple Store. You’ll discover signature Star Wars trailer-making techniques in an exclusive video from The Last Jedi director, Rian Johnson. Then you’ll create your own trailer complete with titles, transitions, sound effects, and official Star Wars music using iPad and iMovie.

DIY star wars trailer

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