How To Fit A Hockey Helmet

[twitter]I attended a recent Safe And Fun Hockey event put on my Chevrolet Canada at Winsport. It included a seminar in how to size a hockey helmet for your kids.

Grab a screwdriver, it’s easier than you think:

1. Put it on your child and ask them how it fits. Make sure they don’t complain about it being too tight or too loose.

2. This is when you do a quick adjustment with the screws on the side of the helmet. Be careful not to loosen them too much when sizing, if they fall out they can be a little bit of a pain to get back in. Just loosen them to size and then tighten.

3. Get them to shake their heads to see if it slides down over their eyes or moves around too much.

4. Use three fingers under their chin for the strap. Adjust the sizing as needed.

5. Have them shake their head and see if it fits again.

6. With younger kids, the chin cup might not always fit, but do your best with the helmet.

Every 5 year old registered in a Hockey Canada program can get a helmet. Chevrolet Safe and Fun Hockey has handed out more than 25 000 helmets. If your kid was born in 2008, head to to get your helmet.

Choosing the right size is important to avoid brain injuries and concussions. At our event, an 8 year old girl talked about how she had a concussion playing hockey last year.

Here’s more on concussion awareness, symptoms, and treatment.

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