I started this blog for me.

A place to archive my thoughts and experiences about my kids. Along the way, people started to find what I wrote to be interesting and started following along. So while I try to write pieces keeping in mind that I have an audience beyond immediate family, there are times when I write here to just as a journal to save .. for me.

The back to school post is one of those things. I do it every year, I’ll keep doing it, and while it may not interest everyone out *there*, I love it.

So here it is!

Charlie – First Day of Grade 3

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: Architect or scientist
Best Friends: Riker, Gabriel, and Barrett
Favorite Lunch: Hot dogs
Favorite Thing About School: I get my own locker this year!

Zacharie – First Day of Grade 5

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: Professional soccer player
Best Friends: Tipe and Colby
Favorite Lunch: Pizza day
Favorite Thing About School: Getting to see all my friends again

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