We’ve stopped going to movie theatres as a family.

The boys are the ones who want to watch the latest animated Moana / Trolls / Storks thing, my wife and I would rather be at the latest Matt Damon / Tom Hanks / Amy Adams thing.

So we play Odd or Even to see which one of us is on movie chaperone duty, while the other gets some spare time at home to watch sports or catch up on Y&R with TELUS On Demand.

But .. when you own the movie? Well, when you own the movie, it can fully become a family affair, and I’m okay with that.

Finding Dory is one of many perfect family movies on TELUS Optik. We clicked a few buttons to get it up on the screen to have a family movie night on the couch.

I usually fall asleep when it’s my turn to escort the boys to the theatre, and sometimes I’ll drift away with these movies at home, but Finding Dory had me locked in and, no lie, laughing out loud.

Destiny and Bailey had me in stitches.

Hank was all kinds of awesome too.

And in addition to laughing and having fun with my kids, the movie was peppered with commentary from my sons about all the animals in the movie and what they’re like in real life.

You see, when we were in Australia earlier this summer, we took the ferry to Manly to visit their little penguins and watch some surfers. While there we stopped in to the Manly Sea Life Sanctuarya rehabilitation facility for local creatures.

They had an exhibit set up heavily promoting Finding Dory that encouraged the kids to run around the facility and learn about all the animals living there, scavenger hunt style. It was the same sort of experience Disney has set up for Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom, and the same thing Parks Canada uses for their Xplorer program.

Finding Dory at Manly

Instead of just a wall of displays, or tanks of animals, the kids have to decode puzzles, learn about habitat, and become involved in the story of the animals living there.

And so my sons went off about how belugas are like bats with their mastery of echo location and how octopus really are chameloid like in their ability to hide.

I smiled at their encyclopedic knowledge and the complete randomness of the things they remember, while laughing as Destiny swam head first into a wall, yet again, slapstick style. All of us, together on the couch, laughing and learning. It was the perfect weekend family date night.

And now it’s there for us to have another cozy family movie night any time we want because we

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