Charlie and I were having dinner by ourselves while my wife and Z were out visiting the doctor. I love that one on one time with Charlie. He’s just about 7, and still totally random in the thoughts that come out of his mouth. In a family dinner setting, he has to sit back a bit and let everyone take a turn, but one on one? He lets it fly.

We rambled about all sorts of weird things as he told me quick stories flipping from Minecraft to Pokemon to school with ease. And then he blurted “what’s your favorite toy, daddy?”

I knew instantly what I would tell him, but I paused. “I still have it,” I said, and ran downstairs to the crawlspace to pull it out. I handed it to him, and then whipped out my iPhone to shoot a Facebook video – because that’s what dad bloggers do, right?

My favourite toy of all time is my Electronic Quarterback. Back in the day, I had the Coleco version you see below (it’s museum worthy now, btw). I can remember huddling in the back seat on road trips, burning through 9 volt batteries like they were candy.

It’s a simple game, move the little red light across the screen, repeat. I laugh that I grew up in the digital age (we did have an Intellivision and a Commodore 64 growing up), but when I see the digital tools my kids have compared to this pocket-sized Pong-ish game, I’d say they win.

electronic quarterback

A few years ago I saw the updated version available in a discount bin at some store. So I picked it up, reveled in the familiar beeps and bops, and still smile when I see it in our storage closet.

Charlie hasn’t put the game down since I brought it up, calling it his ‘new iPad.’ 6 yr olds are so awesome, you guys.

What’s your favourite toy of all time? Do you still have it? Tell your kids about it so they know how good they have it with their ultra cool gifts of 2016.

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