All My Fathers Are Belong To Me[twitter]It’s Throwback Thursday and the week before Father’s Day, so why not a picture of my four dads?

This picture is from my 2nd birthday. I’m being held by my dad. My mom’s father, my grandfather is beside me. In the chairs below are my great-grandfathers (my Nan’s dad, Pop, on the left. my grandfather’s dad, Grampa Broadway, on the right).

4 generations. With the delayed parenthood so many of us choose now, I wonder how many get to have that picture.

I can still hear the whistle my Pop used to make when he played silly games and tricks on us. I don’t remember much about my Grampa Broadway, but I’m glad I have this picture.

My grandfather turns 90 this year, and I can’t wait to go and see him in September with the boys and do another 4 generation photo.

These are the men that shaped my perception of Fatherhood. What it means to love, be involved, laugh, and raise my family. Without my fathers, these four fathers, my forefathers, I’m nothing.

Thanks, Dads.

Happy Father’s Day.

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