Father Friendly Baby Shower Gifts

Men don’t get the whole “shower” thing. A bunch of hens getting together to shower a friend in gifts because a big event is happening in their lives? Big deal – can’t we just go golfing and have a barbecue?

Shower season means all sorts of cucumber sandwiches without the crust will be served alongside diaper cakes and blue or pink martinis.

There’s something to remember when you’re headed to a shower (baby showers specifically) – that child did not come via Immaculate Conception – a man was needed to make this magic happen.

So, as we head into Father’s Day season, it’s time to bring some father friendly gifts to the shower.

Man Cans: Simply put, these are candles for men. They’re available in testosterone friendly scents like bacon, campfire, grandpa’s pipe, and new mitt. The best part is the idea comes from a 13 year old who still makes the candles in his kitchen.

Superhero Onesies: Men don’t understand the onesie thing. We really don’t. My wife says you can never have too many, I’d agree if that meant we could have the entire set from the Justice League of America.

Rock A Bye Baby: Newborns like lullabies to softly drift them off to sleep, but is it necessary that they be so sappy? Rock A Bye‘s discs have lullabied the music of U2, The Beatles, Bob Marley, AC/DC and Aerosmith. Dream on, sweet child o’ mine, dream on.

Be Prepared – A Practical Handbook For New Dads: Sure, mom will enjoy the entire of What To Expect books, but those are a little too encyclopedic for guys. Be Prepared is simply the best book for expectant dads. There’s pictures, the chapters are just a few pages long and it’s written in a language we can understand and put into practice when looking after the new bundle.

LG 55″ LED HDTV: Because no list of gifts for men can be devoid of a big screen tv. Ever. It’s a rule.


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  1. JaseP June 13, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    I love the idea of Man Cans – especially bacon, may have to give them a try.

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