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Tis the season to spook it up, and whether you’re headed to the pumpkin patch, a party, or around the neighbourhood to do some trick or treating, a family that dresses up together, has fun together.

I’ve always dressed up in costume to head out at Halloween with the kids. From something as simple as a Darth Vader mask. to something more elaborate like my Super Buzz costume (top), I get a kick out of dressing up with the kids.

This year we are headed to Banff to do our trick or treating as I emcee the 5 Miler run to kick off Winterstart. We won’t be matching though. I’ve got a construction hoodie to be Emmet from the Lego Movie, Charlie and Jen have Super Hero capes, while Zacharie will be an astronaut.

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Truth be told, even that might change as we love having a tickle trunk full of random costumes for the boys to slip into after school. No matter what you dress up as this year, and whether or not your family matches, just make sure you skip the mall. Don’t be the family that ruins Halloween. Trick or Treat in your neighbourhood. Meet the people you share a community with and bring excitement to the streets of your city.

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Here’s a list of Family Halloween Costumes Ideas:


Family Halloween Costumes

via Cween Chandelle

Duck Dynasty

Family Halloween Costumes

via Costume Works

Shark Attack

Family Costume Ideas

via BeFickle

Bank Robbers

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

via Fun Cheap or Free

BLT Sandwich

Family Halloween Costumes

via Parents

Star Wars

Family Costume Ideas

via Ashley Mann Photography

Lions, Tigers, and Bears – oh my!

Family Halloween Costumes

via My Sunshine Photography

101 Dalmations

Family Costume Ideas

via Our Everyday Art

Despicable Me


via Costume Works

Angry Birds

Family Costume Ideas

via Sugarbee Crafts


Family Halloween Costumes

via More Than Words Can Describe

Calvin and Hobbes

Family Halloween Costumes

via raven12456

Snow White and Dwarves


via Costume Works

Wayne’s World

If you’re looking for a costume to do without the kids, the Wayne’s World costume above is dead easy. That’s Jen and I from last year.

Happy Halloween!!

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15 Family Halloween Costume Ideas

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