Crazy Leprechaun Trap Ideas

Will you be getting a visit from Leprechauns this St Patrick’s Day?

In this Pinterest perfect world that celebrates such new mythology as the Elf On The Shelf, The Switch Witch, Easter Bunny, and Santa – we do. I believe in make believe and love the fun of embracing these new traditions with my boys.

With Leprechauning a relatively new idea for parents to prank their kids with, there is no long standing canon for the mythology as to why, suddenly on March 17, there is green water in the toilet, green milk in the fridge, and a pot of gold coins on the kitchen table.

So I created a myth with my son. We worked through the story and came up with how the Leprechauns get in your house, and why they go crazy on St Patrick’s Day.

Our St Patrick’s Day Story

Leprechauns live in the forest where they are friends with the animals and look after the flowers. Over the winter, they hibernate in our garage because it is too cold outside. On March 17, their alarm clocks go off and they wake up.

After a winter of slumber, the Leprechauns go crazy, making messes in the kitchen as they look for snacks. This is why we leave lots of green food on the kitchen table. They like limes, jalapenos, zucchini, and grapes.

Leprechauns Go Crazy

After a long sleep, they also have to go to the bathroom, and it just so happens a Leprechaun’s pee is green.

Leprechauns love rainbows because rainbows feed the flowers. It’s a Leprechaun’s job each spring to plant every single flower in the world. The Leprechauns say thank you for letting them sleep in the garage by leaving some gold coins and seed packets before heading out to the world to plant the spring flowers.

I love that backstory.

Kids Love Leprechauns

Some take the myth a step further and try to build a Leprechaun trap. My boys already love capturing beetles, crickets, and worms, and observing them before letting them go; the idea of capturing one of these bearded beings has them amped.

How to catch a leprechaun:

First up, get the book, Twas The Night Before St Patrick’s Day. It plays out very much like you would expect, with a fun “Where’s Waldo?” sort of element that sees leprechauns hiding on each page the kids can find.

At the end of the book, there are a variety of Leprechaun traps, simple and elaborate, you can try with your kids.

Of course Pinterest is filled with ideas of traps to catch a leprechaun:

The Crafting Chicks suggest a simple shoe box trap with a pot of gold as bait, held up by a stick.

Not Martha‘s Leprechaun Cake Trap is genius. You make a rainbow cake, put a trap in the middle, and cover it with pretzels.

Play with Words made one using an old toilet paper roll and rainbow pipe cleaners.

Just as we manufactured the myth about the backstory for St Patrick’s Day and why we have Leprechauns running around the house, you can create your own story, too. Ask your kids how to catch a Leprechaun and build a trap based on whatever they think might work. Maybe it’s with LEGOs. Maybe a Rainbow Loom trap?

Of course, the Leprechauns always find a way to sneak out from the traps, but the crafting imagination for the kids is tons of fun.

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