Best Deals On Halloween Costumes

October 31 isnt for another 6 weeks, but Old Navy already has their stock of kids Halloween costumes in store. Actually, they’ve had them for more than 2 weeks already. (Which isn’t too bad considering Costco has had Christmas decorations up since mid-August.)

You may cringe at the early trick-or-treating timing, but trust me – if you don’t act now there won’t be anything left for you come the last minute in October.

Want extra reason to get on ‘er this week? Old Navy has them on sale starting today for 25% off. When you consider the kids where the costumes once (maybe a few more times if they like to goof off around the house in it ahead of time) it’s a great deal. Have your Missus use her Craigslist Ninja skills and she’ll tell you that people are fencing them on there for basically the same as what you would pay for brand new on sale.

Sure, back in the day my mother used to make Halloween costumes for us when we were kids. She spend hours at the sewing machine using patterns to make princess, spaceman and vampire costumes for my brother, sister and I. Now, in this disposable generation, it’s much easier to buy the costume for $30 at Old Navy, wear it for the 30 minute trip around the block, and then flip it on Craigslist for $25 the next year.

Oh, and while you’re being Mr. Plan Ahead, why not drop by Costco and pick up some egg nog and tinsel?

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  1. darian kovacs September 11, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    thanks for the tip/heads up!

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