enrique iglesias ping pong song[twitter]I flip radio stations, like anyone else, and when I passed by an Enrique song this morning, I stopped.

Instantly it was spring 2008 and I was cruising an autoroute in western France. Yes, it was an Enrique Iglesias song which brought this memory flooding back.

It was around this time that Jen and I were really into a show on MTV called Rob and Big. Rob Dyrdek is a professional skateboarder, Big Black was his bodyguard. They had a reality show that just had the two of them hanging out and getting in to adventures. These two were the best best friends anyone could imagine. They were an odd couple that had us laughing out loud every time. We loved them.

One of our favorite scenes at the time was Rob and Big hitting a car wash so they could listen to Enrique Iglesias. Loudly.

So now, whenever I hear Enrique, I think of Rob and Big. The song I heard this morning, wasn’t the Ping Pong Song, but it was still Enrique and I thought of that moment in the spring of 2008 when we were on vacation in the Loire Valley and got silly to Enrique ‘s song on French radio.

So at the next red light I dialed it up on my iPhone and cranked it in my car. I lip synched loudly, I danced and, for a moment, I was back in France with a 10 month old Zacharie, and my fiancee, driving a Volkswagen Passat through the countryside.

When you think back through your life, there are moments that are part of your personal highlight reel. The best days of your life. Your first goal in sports, the day you graduated, got married, or saw your kids born.

For me those are all there, and so is the time I car danced to Enrique in France.dadcamp fire

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