How can you eat kiwifruit wrong? It’s cute, it’s sweet, it’s delicious, but on our recent trip to Australia, I learned I was eating kiwifruit wrong.

Kiwifruit has been a mainstay on our family counter for years. It was one of my Charlie’s favorite foods. I remember early days doing groceries when Zacharie would remind me “to get some kiwis for The Chooch.”

Charlie would devour the bright green slices as soon as we placed them on his tray.

Charlie likes to eat

They’re a perfect food for babies. They’re soft, you can chop them into chunks so they can be picked up, and they’re sweet and delicious.


I’ve always peeled and chopped my kiwifruit. It’s not always easy, the soft furry skin doesn’t grip a peeler very well, especially if you grab them extra ripe.

slice of kiwifruit
Knife peeled Kiwifruit by FisherKate on Flickr

Sometimes I’d just chop the skin off with a knife, but that ended up meaning more waste than fruit.

Then I went to Australia, and learned to eat kiwifruit the right way.

Zespri was a big sponsor of the kids races at the Gold Coast Marathon, so everywhere we turned, there were kiwifruit samples to be had. (And fun pictures to be posed for with the Zespri kiwifruit mascot)

Zespri Kiwi Gold Coast Marathon
Charlie and the Zespri Kiwifruit on the podium at Gold Coast Marathon

The gold kiwifruit were sitting there on trays, chopped in half with a funky spoon/knife dipped in. My mouth dropped in TIL amazement. I had been eating kiwifruit wrong my entire life.

The proper way to eat a kiwifruit is to cut it in half, and scoop it out. Yes, my friends, kiwifruit is perfect because it comes in its own bowl.

It was life changing, like the time I learned to eat bananas by pinching the bottom instead of ripping from the top – you know, like how monkeys do it!

zespri kiwi

And now that I’ve figured it out, I’m plowing through them on the daily. I’m not worried about trying to peel them and losing half the fruit. I toss a whole one in my lunch bag with one of those groovy knife / spoon contraptions, and I chop and scoop right at my desk for a mid-morning snack.

zespri sungold

Same for my kids. Now that they’re beyond finger food fruits, I can drop one of these in their lunch bag. The kiwifruit is firm enough to not get squished in transport, soft enough to cut with plastic, delicious enough to please even a picky palate.

UPDATE: Ever since posting this, many of you have told me that this is the way you’ve been eating Kiwifruit all along. Huh? How come nobody told ME!?! And then came the stories of people who say they eat the whole thing, skin and all, like an apple.

WHAT?! I’d love it if you’d share your Kiwifruit madness.

[infobox title=”Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit”]

I’m thrilled to be working with Zespri on this campaign to promote this healthy, sweet treat.

Kiwifruit is one of the most nutritious fruits with the richest combination of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 2 kiwifruit contain about the same about of fibre as a bowl of bran flakes.

When exchanging kiwifruit for another carb at mealtime, kiwifruit will significanlty slow and reduce the uptake of sugars in the bloodstream. This is a great thing for maintaining diabetes health.

Zespri Green and SunGoldActinidin, a natural digestive enzyme found only in kiwifruit, improves digestive comfort by breaking down proteins.

One kiwifruit provides all your daily vitamin C needs and Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit contains 3 x more vitamin C than oranges.

Kiwifruit are a natural source of potassium and contain as much potassium as a medium banana.

Kiwifruit is one of very few natural sources of folic acid – needed in pregnancy and growth.

Zespri kiwifruit is 100 per cent owned by past and present New Zealand growers.

Kiwifruit is an easy-to- eat snack at any time of day – Just Cut, Scoop, and Enjoy![/infobox]

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  1. Victoria Ess August 3, 2016 at 6:59 am

    Interesting! I actually eat the skin on my kiwis!

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