The boys will ask for noodles for dinner any chance they get. This summer we’ve been having them more often as they get involved making and planning dinner with our new Philips Compact Pasta Maker.

Making noodles is easy enough for the boys to do on their own – it’s just flour and water and the machine does the rest, while I’ve found some ways to make sure it’s not “just flour and water” they have for dinner each night.

As the bounty from backyard gardens starts to burst, and you find yourself with bushels of chard, basil, spinach, and cherry tomatoes, here are 4 easy pasta recipes to weave into your routine. Homemade pasta + homegrown veggies = the perfect summer menu.

Backyard Garden Exploding With Chard

Shrimp Florentine

Got loads of spinach? Just fire up a batch of noodles in the Philips Compact Pasta Maker and then toss them with a few shrimp, sliced cherry tomatoes, and a handful of spinach. Heat it all in a pan and when the spinach wilts, you’re good to go. I like to hit it with a spicy pepper for a little heat.

Sausage and Swiss Chard

I have lots of chard. I always have lots of chard, so this is a go to recipe for me to use up big bunches of the stuff. Again, make your noodles in the Philips Compact Pasta Maker and then follow this simple sausage and swiss chard recipe.

It’s as easy as tossing together some chard, sausage, tomatoes, and beans to make a hearty homemade / homegrown dinner.

Penne Pesto

For those with a bursting herb garden, why not make a simple pesto penne? Grind up your basil with pine nuts, olive oil, and garlic and then toss it in your fresh made noodles and you’re good to go in minutes!

Spinach Pasta

The Philips Compact Pasta Maker easily lets you ad lib your pasta style. We like to add some Italian seasoning to our dough mixture, and lately I’ve been working on some vegetable juices to add.

Just add a handful of spinach leaves, for example, to some water and puree it until it is a smooth juice. Then, when it’s time to add the water to your dough mixture, use the appopriate measure of spinach juice for bright green veggie infused noodles!

It’s really that easy. You might have a bounty of tomatoes and other vegetables that could come together in a rich bolognese or marinara sauce. With the Philips Compact Pasta Maker it’s easy to take part in, what I call, the 10 metre diet. You grow the veggies in the backyard, you make the pasta from scratch in your kitchen. Now that’s awesome.

This post is sponsored by Philips

Philips Compact Pasta Maker

We’ve made it easier to make homemade pasta. Now, with the fully automatic Philips Pasta Maker, you can make fresh pasta and noodles much more often. Because your new pasta maker does all the hard work for you.

The Philips Viva Pasta & Noodle Maker has a seamless and compact design. You can easily keep it on the countertop or store it in the cabinet without occupying a lot space.

To create your favorite pasta shapes, simply attach one of the pasta shaping discs to the pasta maker. With the machine there are 3 default classic shaping discs for Spaghetti, Penne and Fettuccini.

Accompanying the machine there is a recipe book created by culinary experts, giving inspiration for fresh homemade and delicious pasta and noodles.

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