How To Get Free Color Alive Pages

[twitter]My boys have recently discovered Crayola’s Color Alive app and books. The idea is so simple, it’s genius.

When you use the Crayola Color Alive app to take a scan of the image your child has colored in the Crayola Color Alive Coloring Books, it comes alive. They call it 4d, and really it becomes a projection of the image from the Crayola Color Alive coloring book that they can then interact with in augmented reality.

They can pose for pictures with their favourite Skylanders Giant.

Zacharie Color Alive Skylanders

They can play with their pet dragons.

Charlie Color Alive Dragons

It’s just a genius special effect that my kids have been in awe of for a number of weeks. They even used their own money to buy the Crayola Color Alive Coloring Books.

The books also come with a special colored marker that comes alive after you scan it with the app. The red turns to fire, the blue is a crystal, things like that. The boys have been plowing through the Crayola Color Alive pages and app scribbling up a storm, they’ve absolutely LOVED it.

And here’s where the coloring book hack comes in.

While there are 4 Crayola Color Alive books for your kids to pick up, if they are as excited by the app as mine were, they will blow through all the pages in seconds, asking you to scan each of their colored creatures along the way.

Zacharie uses Color Alive for Medusa

Once they’ve done that, it’s done. There’s no more coloring creatures to be had.

Sooo.. get the TurboScan app. It’s a document scanning app that my wife and I use to scan documents and contracts we’ve printed out and turn them into PDFs that we can then email to our office or to clients.

You use the TurboScan app to take pictures of all the BLANK Crayola Color Alive pages BEFORE your kids color them. You email them to yourself as a PDF, store them in your Google Drive, and now you have an infinite number of free Crayola Color Alive pages you can print off for your kids any time they want to have a red dragon instead of a green one.

If you want to test out the Crayola Color Alive app and pages to see what I’m talking about, you can download some free blank pages to try out and see if your kids are really into it.

Extra Color Alive Coloring Pages

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