Scientists Claim Kids Ruin Your Life

When you have kids, things change.

Gorgeous dinners out with friends become appies and wine around the kitchen table, while the kids watch movies in the living room.

That’s how we like to entertain, anyway.

Most of the time the kids are excited to have friends over and chow on popcorn in front of the tube while the adults gossip and gorge in the background.

This past weekend, however, it went sideways.

Our two boys wouldn’t listen. They ran around playing tag, they got up and giggled. They poked, and chased, and wouldn’t sit still despite their very favorite Kung Fu Panda being the entertainment.

After the fifth time out, our friends said it was about time they headed home. Usually our Parents’ Night In goes til 10ish, it wasn’t even 8 o’ clock yet.

My wife and I sighed at each other after our failed attempt at grown-up entertaining. The next day my wife texted her friend to apologize and got the best note ever back from her friend:

“Don’t ever apologize for your kids!!!!” She wrote. “They are kids!!!!”

That was the best.

How true. Our kids were being kids, they’re full of energy, silliness, and excitement. Sure, it would have been nice if we could have had conversation among the adults without tongue lashing our rambunctious kids every few minutes, but guess what?

Kids change things.

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