How To Make Ninjabread CookiesWe did an inventory yesterday to see what he had bought the boys for Christmas.

We buy toys pretty much year round and stash them in various holes. Sometimes they’re for birthday party gifts, sometimes they’re for the boys, often we forget what we have bought.

So we dug and found checker boards, Transformer characters, Stormtrooper Masks, and Ninjabread Cookie Mix.

While the first items were stored for Santa to easily find, the Ninjabread mix was brought down for our Saturday activity.

We bought this mix at Winners, a Canadian chain that sells over stock, discontinued, liquidated merchandise. I also saw Ninjabread Cookie Kit listed at Amazon.

Ninjabread Cookie Mix


Inside you’ll find 4 cookie cutters shaped like Ninja fighters, a bag of flour and spice for your dough, an icing bag, and icing mix.

Ninjabread Cookie Mix

Gingerbread Ninja Cookie Cutters

For the Ninjabread cookie baking, we used our own gingerbread recipe, and tossed in the Ninja cookie cutters with the rest of our pile of shapes and letters.  The boys had fun rolling out the dough and cutting the ninjas for battle.

NInjabread Cookie Baking

We had a Power Rangers Christmas Special on in the background to make things even more festive.

Ninjabread Cookie Baking

Your Ninjabread Men may not appear on the box as shown. I tried to use our icing kits and it just ended up gloopy. Jen dug in with a tooth pick to get more detailed and hers turned out fine. The boys just wanted to eat them. really.

NInjabread Cookie Baking

NInjabread Cookie Baking

NInjabread Cookie Baking

The Ninja cookie cutters are awesome, and you can find those on Amazon on their own if you don’t need the kit.

How To Make Ninjabread Cookies

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