Does Your Kindergarten Kid Need Glasses?

[twitter]My son’s teacher made an interesting revelation to me during interviews last month: spring is when most of the learning happens during the school year. They’re locked in to a routine, they’ve been learning building block concepts for 6 months, and now is when it all “just clicks.”

In terms of a growth spurt, this time of year should see your kids experiencing a “learning spurt.” We’ve certainly seen it with Z. He’s been working hard on reading to catch up with his class, and it is suddenly kicking in. He’s decoding words properly, trying hard, and seeing results.

If that’s not happening on your end, you need to do some digging. Really talk with the teacher to find out how your kid is really doing. Report cards don’t tell you everything with letters and numbers, talk to the teachers, talk to your kids. And then talk to your eye doctor.

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80% of learning for kids is visual. If your children can’t see something clearly, they’ll not understand it clearly. What may look like a learning disability, might just be a vision problem that’s easy and free to correct. Children with vision problems can be misdiagnosed with learning or behavioural issues. The earlier an eye problem is found, the easier it is to fix.

Alberta Health Care covers the cost of comprehensive eye exams for all children in the province up to age 19. The Eye See … Eye Learn program goes a step further by providing free eyeglasses to kindergarten kids who need a prescription. Kindergarten children are eligible from September until they begin Grade 1.

In the fall, Zacharie, Charlie, and I appeared in a video for the Alberta Association of Optometrists to promote the Eye See … Eye Learn program. It’s easy. It’s free. It’s fun.

That makes now, when the kids should be going through a learning spurt, as the perfect time to talk to your kid’s teachers about their progress. If they notice your child covering an eye, squinting, or struggling, you need to know about it. If you get your kid’s eyes checked out now, you still have lots of time to take advantage of Eye See … Eye Learn‘s program for free glasses before they start Grade 1.

You can find an optometrist that is right for you here.

Charlie trying on glasses

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