Ask a group of people to list special gifts a man will appreciate and the probability that anyone will include flowers is very low. You can’t blame them, flowers have traditionally been giving to women to mark special occasions and as gifts. 

Flowers are not usually considered a masculine gift, but contrary to popular belief, they are a great gift for men.

The next time you think about giving the special man in your life a gift, consider giving him flowers. It doesn’t always have to be a bouquet. Flowers come in different forms and anyone will appreciate receiving them. 

White orchids and chrysanthemums are some examples of appropriate flowers for men. Let’s look at how you can use flowers to make that special someone feel loved.

Potted Flowers

The amazing thing about potted flowers is that because it already comes in a pot, all one has to do is take care of it is keep it watered and pruned and in an appropriate spot. Once it has outgrown its container, the plant can be transplanted into a larger pot or even moved outside in some cases.  

You might be wondering how this will make a man feel special. It’s because it gives him something to take care of. Men enjoy taking care of things too, and a potted flower plant is your way of telling him that you know he is responsible and you appreciate that. 

Flowers and Wine

Nothing says “I love you” like the perfect bouquet and some wine. This combination will make your man feel special and pampered. Instead of just sending just flowers, you can include a bottle of his favorite wine. You can easily make this gift yourself, you just need a gift box, some ribbon, and soft lining for the inside of the box. 

If he is not a fan of wine, you can replace it with something he loves. It could be a box of chocolates, his favorite cookies or local craft beer. The flowers will give the gift that romantic feel that will keep him smiling for hours.  

There are also shops that will curate the perfect gift box on request. Feel free to include a card with a note or a love poem. 

Gift Cards 

The latest technological gadgets or designer shirts might seem like the best gifts to give, but let’s be honest, he probably receives gifts like that all the time. 

Flower gift cards are unique and special and he will consider it a very thoughtful gift. With the gift cards, he can choose a bouquet he loves or opt for a potted plant for his home office.  

He might even use it to buy flowers for you. A perfect example of reaping what you sow, right? You don’t even have to wait for a special occasion. Once in a while, surprise your man with a surprise gift card.

Flower Garden 

Knowing you created something special with the one you love is one of the best feelings in the world. If he has space in front or behind his house, you can transform it into a beautiful flower garden. You can organize it and get everything you need, and the two of you can do it together. This lets him know that you don’t mind spending your time making him feel special.  

You can even include him in the planning process. Tell him what you want to do and ask for ideas. Having a project to work on together can help strengthen your bond and improve your relationship.  

Things To Consider Before Buying Him Flowers

Below are a few key things to consider before buying flowers for that special man in your life. 

Maintenance Level 

To be able to last longer, some flowers need specific care. Flowers such as tropical bouquets require no form of maintenance. However, flowers such as orchids require some level of knowledge and care. If he travels a lot, flowers that need no maintenance are ideal. 


Some colors are considered more masculine than others, however, based on the occasion, you can pick the perfect colors. 

You can also mix different colors based on his favorites. It shows you think about him and his preferences. For a flower garden, bright colors are ideal to transform his garden into a work of art.


Perhaps he has allergic reactions to certain flowers. You should obviously avoid those. Also consider if he has a sensitive sense of smell, as some flowers have a strong scent. 

Flowers are not only beautiful gifts of nature, they also remind us that despite everything that happens around us, the world is still a beautiful place. Giving him flowers specially selected with love will leave him feeling special and appreciated.

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