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[twitter]There is nothing cuter than a little kid in fresh denim.

With Stampede around the corner here in Calgary, that means getting “suited up” in some new jeans, plaid shirts, hats, and boots (if that’s your thing). Denim is so important to the Calgary Stampede experience that one of the tag lines for Stampede 101 promotion is Denim Pants Were Made To Dance.


dENiZEN® jeans from Levi’s are an exclusive line to Target and, just in time for Stampede outfitting, they have arrived at Target stores in Canada. It’s a line of quality, great fitting, affordable denim that has something for everyone in the family.

Charlie and I have been ‘test driving’ the jeans this week.

denizen by levi's denizen by levi's

denizen by levi's at target

My wife, Jennifer, is in love with Charlie’s 218 Slim Straight jeans. She loves the dual color stitching on the pockets, and the dark color of the denim. It’s soft, not stiff, and the branding on the waist instead of a tag is great for little kids where tags often squish up and are a bother.

denizen by levi's at target

denizen by levi's at target

The pocket detail is very cute, as is the big black button and tag. The red gromet on the back is a nice detail that stands out.

“They are so sharp,” she kept saying. “He just looks so sharp.”

That they are.

denizen by levi's

denizen by levi's

For my part, I picked up the 285 Relaxed Fit.

They are a light weight fabric making them a more comfortable summer jean (perfect for Stampede). The cut on the 285 is also a little more suitable for me.

denizen by levi's

They’re a straight, relaxed cut – not the uber skinny emo jeans the kids wear. I’ll stop short of calling them “dad jeans,” but let’s just say they’re more “age appropriate.”

The waist band is a little higher than I’m used to, but they’re still a comfortable pair of “pants that want to dance.”

That said, if you’re into the skinny jeans, there are other dENiZEN styles and fits that will work for your body type.

denizen by levi's

The dENiZEN® jeans’ spring 2013 collection, available now features four styles for women, nine for men and four for boys. Shoppers can browse the entire line on and purchase jeans at any Target store in Canada. Prices range from $21.99 to $34.99.

More information about dENiZEN® jeans is available at and

Thanks to Denizen by Levi’s for supporting Team Diabetes Canada in exchange for this sponsored content.dadcamp fire

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