This post is brought to you by The Shoe Company, our go-to spot to get shoes for back-to-school because they have shoes with and without laces.

We had a contest for the boys in the spring. First one to learn to tie their shoes, won a LEGO kit. Both boys did it. For a few weeks it was awesome, then we let it slide. The laced shoes we bought just sat there and soon they had grown out of them.

Because friction.

When it came to buying new shoes for the boys for their Team Diabetes runs, I bought them faux laced shoes with velcro tops.

Because friction.

This is the biggest hurdle I have as a parent. It’s so easy to avoid friction. I can outsource their bike riding lessons, I can hand them an iPhone to distract them in a restaurant, I can buy them velcro shoes.

Friction. Conflict. Struggle. These are the biggest obstacles modern parents face. It’s so easy to opt-out, that we often do – at the detriment of our children.

I hate waiting the extra 3 minutes it takes for the boys to get ready to go out when they have to tie their own shoes, so I buy velcro shoes.

I had no choice when it came to soccer shoes, and despite coaching a team of 8 and 9 year olds, half a dozen times a practice or game, I was bent down tying someone’s shoe.

I know it feels like summer has just only started, but thankfully it’s giving me a break.

Because sandals.

Velcro, buckles, slip ons. From the campground to the beach to weekend walks, my boys are spending their summer slipping in and out of bright, comfortable, and easy to put on sandals as our recent The Shoe Company shopping trip shows.

Vans are cool, and these would be great for riding, Zacharie begged (and no laces).

Vans Asher Slip
Vans Asher Slip

Charlie picked out some athletic sand sandals (with velcro).

sand sandals
Elements Sand Sandal

Zacharie tried to convince me these (velcro) Skechers would help him catch more Pokemon.


Charlie settled in on some easy flip flops for the beach and pool.

flip flops
Quiksilver Monkey Wrench

Then Zacharie pushed it too far when he suggested orange socks and green Adidas would make a great combination.


All in all, you can add “easy footwear options for kids” to the list of reasons why living in the tropics is a good idea. Slip in, slip out and no arguing about tying laces.

I’m defaulting to the velcro / lace variety. Still. Because friction.

My kids need to learn to tie their own shoes! And, wouldn’t you know it, there’s a frictionless way for them to learn. The Shoe Company has Kids’ Shoe Tying Classes (at a Toronto store).

shoe tying classes

Because parents hate friction.

Hey, I will sing the praises of those who taught my kids to ride a bike without any conflict on my end. It was perfect. And now I’m wondering if shipping my kids off to a shoe tying seminar might be the way to close the book on velcro shoes.

Shopping at The Shoe Company is the way to go. The prices can’t be beat, the selection is massive, and the staff help with everything from proper measurement to teaching the kids to tie laces?

Sign me up.

Kids Shoe Measure

BTW, if you’re not near The Shoe Company offering the lace tying classes, try this swift and simple hack to get your kids to tie their shoes.

This post is brought to you by The Shoe Company, our go-to spot to get shoes because they have shoes with and without laces.

The Shoe CompanyThe Shoe Company has Canada’s largest selection of branded footwear for the entire family. There is a large selection of brands from infant to toddler to kids and teens, as well as shoes for women and men.

It really is a one-stop shop for all from athletics to casual to dress shoes.

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