Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park[twitter]Going to A Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park in Calgary has been an annual tradition for a family. Part of this tradition includes Charlie freaking out.

Each and every year he has shown all the enthusiasm a young kid can have in the lead up to A Day Out With Thomas and then, on the big day, he freaks out.

It happens when we head up to the front of the train Thomas is pulling to say hi. They have to have the crossing arms down, and the lights clanging and Charlie just thinks Thomas is going to lurch down the tracks and run him over.

So we have had family photos like this the past couple of years:

A Day Out With Thomas

But this year something different happened. He still freaked out when we got near the clanging bells and flashing lights, and his fight or flight mentality kicked in causing him to want to run, but then he saw everyone else smiling and he decided to try it to. The chooch overcame his fears and we ended up with a wonderful family photo:

A Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park - DadCAMP

Our Day Out With Thomas adventures have featured brisk temperatures before, but never snow. The city received nearly a foot of fresh snow over the weekend of Thomas‘ first residency at Heritage Park and while it caused Momma and Daddy to grumble about the weather, it did make for some beautiful picturess.

Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park

Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park

Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park


I would have had more pictures, but my phone died, inexplicably, with 70% battery left. Go figure. Well, it let me have one thing – the rest of the afternoon to enjoy my boys without reaching in my pocket.

Doesn’t matter, I got one of the Chooch smiling and it was another experience filed under #BestDayEver.

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