What It Means To Be A Modern Man

“Are dads men?”

Back in the day, with the old school Marlboro Man-era rules of masculinity, men did not partake in “sissy” stuff. For a dad to be a man, he was to bring home the paycheque, be sturdy in crisis, and give ’em hell when times got tough.

But that is no longer real life.

The current generation of fathers, and the millennials coming behind us, already take for granted they’ll be involved dads. We assume it. We expect it.

Dads in 2016 stay home with their kids. Dads in 2016 cook the meals and do the shopping. Dads in 2016 organize playdates, do crafts, and wait in line at school drop off and pick up. Dads in 2016 put on fairy wings, get their toes painted, and have tea parties with their daughters. Dads in 2016 are just as much of a man as dads in 1956.

Welcome to 2016, friends, here’s 7 dads who are showing what it means to be a man and changing the face of fatherhood.

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