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[twitter]Are you always honest when you tell your stories online?

I’m not. I lie when I blog.

“You’re such a great Dad,” my friend texted me the other night after reading my story about taking my boys on a road trip to “Hoth” for lightsaber battles in the snow.

If she only knew.

When I tell stories about my parenting adventures, I’m showing you the good stuff. My entire blog is one big humblebrag.

Underneath it all I am a guy who too often has his face is in his phone, whose temper is too short, and while I spend a lot of time coming up with fun activities to do with my kids outside of the house, I have a hard time staying engaged with them indoors.

I’m sure we’re all like this – to some degree. We all have our ups and downs when it comes to life. We have our good days, we have our bad days. But how many of us like to have a highlight reel of the bad days?

Not me.

That’s probably why this video called Dadholes is ringing true with me this week. Sure there are stereotypes. Yes it’s exaggerated for comedic effect. Under it all is an admission, for me anyway, that I can be a dadhole.

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