DadCAMP3 On The Big Screen

It was Hockey Night at DadCAMP last night as the boys got together for a little hockey action at the Rink on Renfrew.

DadCAMP is all about Dads getting together and meeting other Dads and enjoying some of the best days ever with our kids. This one didn’t disappoint.

We snagged seats on the aisle next to where the Zamboni comes out on the ice – Zambonis are the tractors of hockey, a sure fire hit with boys. Our seats were right in the front up against the glass and behind the net meaning we got a great view of the action and lots of banging hits right in our face.

Throw in some popcorn, a couple of appearances on the big screen and a great time was had by all. It was kind of like a baseball game, the score and game didn’t matter, it was all about being with friends. The Giants lost 5-0. Didn’t matter. We were at DadCAMP enjoying another best day ever.

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