When I bought my Hyundai Elantra in the summer of 2011, I remember looking at my then 4 yr old son Zacharie and thinking this would be his car one day. I’d get a good decade and a bit out of the machine, then hand the keys over to my eventually awkward teenage son to drive.

6 years later I’m halfway to that reality, and another thought has creeped in alongside the hand-me-down aspect of my Elantra. I firmly believe it will be the last combustion engine only vehicle I will buy.

Hyundai has made a firm move into the electric and hybrid vehicle space with the release of their 2017 IONIQ. After a week of driving the ultra quiet, powerful, fuel sipping ride, I’m absolutely convinced this is the type of vehicle I’ll have when I hand over the keys on my current ride to my son.

hyundai ioniq

Ioniq is a cozy and compact ride. The silhouette is similar to the Elantra, with a hatch instead of a trunk. Inside, everything is right within reach, intuitively easy to operate, big enough to fit my kids in the backseat, and some gear or groceries in the hatch.

And, unlike my kids, it’s whisper quiet. I watched with glee as I was stuck in traffic on my commute for a week and the battery did the work instead of my engine. Gamification works. Just like I watch the steps on my Fitbit climb through the day, and make a long detour around a park to hit a step count goal, I watch the mileage on my vehicle and love seeing efficiency.

The Ioniq is part of Hyundai’s commitment to develop environmentally conscious vehicles that are fun to drive, and have great style, along with being better for the environment.

This ride hits all the notes.

hyundai ioniq hybrid

There are 3 styles of Ioniq;

  • A hybrid that can run on  a gas engine, an electric motor, or both with a range of over 1000 km on a single tank
  • An electric-only power train featuring a compact, lightweight battery that can travel up to 200 km on a full charge
  • An electric and hybrid power train that can be charged at home, with the option to fire up the gas engine if you run out of electricity


All 3 sport the same body shape with the only difference being under the hood.  Each model is built around a SUPERSTRUCTURE designed from the ground up to offer an exceptional driving experience and enhanced safety. Hyundai is the only major global automaker with its own in-house steel plant and Hyundai Steel made the proprietary, Advanced High Strength Steel to give the SUPERSTRUCTURE strength and rigidity.

Steel rigidity and soundproofing materials keep the ride quiet. The SUPERSTRUCTURE allows for more precise tuning of key suspension components. These together allow for a quiet, agile ride that just feels perfect.


Zacharie is a big lover of nature and the environment. He’s the kind of kid who plays hide and seek in nature and cries at wildlife documentaries. He’s got a big heart and loves this planet. We often talk about our roles as parents as trying to leave things in a better way than we found them. Innovations like the 2017 Ioniq help us achieve that goal.

It’s great the Ioniq is efficient, safe, sturdy, and looks great – but it’s also luxurious inside.

hyundai ioniq steering wheel

The paddles on the steering wheel are for the electric editions. Get handy with them and you can use them instead of your brakes when coming to a stop. On the hybrid edition, the paddles are more decorative and gave me the feeling like I was behind the controls of an X-Wing Fighter.

The interior is just as efficient and forward thinking with control and space as the power train is for mileage. Everything is intuitive, within reach, and comfortable. From an extra large pocket to power devices, to a dash interface that is fluid and easy to understand, to analog buttons to mirror the digital controls, it’s all laid out perfectly.

It’s like a ‘normal’ car…but much better.

The 2017 Ioniq is the perfect bridge between old and new technologies to get us to a better future of transportation. I wish Zacharie were older so I could hand off the keys of my Elantra now and get an Ioniq for myself.

Here’s a video with more thoughts on the Hyundai Ioniq:

This post is sponsored by Hyundai Canada

Unexpectedly electrifying.

2017 hyundai ioniq

Forget everything you ever thought about hybrid and electric cars. The all-new 2017 Ioniq is the world’s first vehicle to be powered by a choice of three different electrified powertrain options in a single model: hybrid, electric and electric plus.

Combining industry leading technologies, ground-breaking use of materials, aerodynamic design and a wealth of intelligent features, the 2017 Ioniq prioritizes a smarter, progressive approach to driving — from the way the vehicles look, to the way they drive, to the way they fit your life.

2017 Ioniq pricing starts at $35,000. See your local dealer for details.

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