The Cheerios Effect

[twitter]I’m a Life Made Delicious blogger, but that’s not why I am sharing this story. I’m sharing this because .. omfg. The emotion when Jonathan says “Dad is here..” is just so .. wow.

Gay families and racism are in the news this week as an Ohio mom is suing a fertility clinic because she gave birth to a mixed-race baby.

I don’t get it.

I don’t get how someone who faces so much persecution for being ‘different’ could place that stigma on someone else, let alone their own child.

Then there’s Andre and Jonathan in a new video for The Cheerios Effect. Watch it below. Pay attention at the 1:40 mark when Jonathan describes holding his daughter for the first time.“Dad is here..” he says.

I’m welling up again just writing about it. The emotion that first time you refer to yourself as responsible for the complete well being of another soul is just .. I’m speechless.

“Dad is here…” sums it all up. Love is colour blind. Love is gender blind.

“At Cheerios, we believe everyone is worthy of love and connection – and everyone has stories that deserve to be told,” is the mission statement when you click over to The Cheerios Effectare invited to share your own story. I don’t know how you can top Jonathan and Andre, because that was a mic drop.

Is it a stretch to take breakfast cereal and link it to a support of gay adoption? Perhaps, but we need advertisers to normalize these attitudes and behaviours in their marketing to make things like gay adoption or mixed race families part of our conventional wisdom.

To those who already believe, it’s a powerful motivator seeing their beliefs confirmed.

When I buy my Cheerios this weekend, I’ll be proud. Just as I walk by the Barilla boxes in the pasta aisle, vowing never to purchase them again, I will walk to Cheerios and smile as I reach up the shelf to grab a box.

I have never been more proud as a blogger to be affiliated with a company. Never.

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