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[twitter]A recent episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features Kevin Hart in what has become the series’ most viewed episode, “You Look Amazing in the Wind.” First of all, if you haven’t watched Seinfeld’s show yet, take a few minutes and watch. The money shot, as it were, happens about five minutes in: Kevin and Jerry discuss what happens when your kids realize who you are, what you do, and what you have.

Jerry: So I found it was like second grade when they came home and said ‘Dad, everyone knows who you are’.

Kevin: My daughter got right to the point. “Dad. Are we rich?”

Jerry: [laughs].

Kevin: “Are we rich? Yes or no?” And I said ‘baby, we’re doing well,’ but they need to understand why. I said when you work hard, and put your mind to something, anything can happen. My daughter’s so smart, she goes “just answer my question: are we rich?”

Jerry: You know what I said to that question? I am. You’re not.

Yuks aside, I paused the scene and immediately reflected. My son is in grade two and has taken to talking about how much money is in his piggy bank. He’s been asking how much money my wife and I make. He’s comparing what he has with what his friends have. The race is on.

So what do you do when your kid asks “are we rich?”


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