I’m not cocky enough to say that I do most of the chores around the house, I won’t even say that I do some,  but I do think I’m pulling my weight – my wife would disagree.

Which is pretty much what a survey just said.

According to Pew Social Trends, 56% of fathers say they split household chores equally with their wives.  But 50% of mothers disagree, saying they definitely do more.

Yes, my wife does more around the house. I do the stuff outside of the house. I shop, I cook, I entertain the kids, my wife does laundry, dishes, and cleans. I enjoy my chores, she doesn’t enjoy hers, maybe that’s where the discrepancy comes in.

Then there was this other survey that said couples who split house work have “more frequent and satisfying sex.”

Would it, could it work? If I tilted the scale a little closer to equal could I reap a few rewards?

Introducing my marital aid, the Hoover SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1.

Nice glamour shots, don’t you think? SEX-SAY!

Could it really help me clean the house AND bring a smile to my (wife’s) face? It does say it’s 2-IN-1.

For the record, there are no mentions of increased marital happiness after using the Hoover SteamScrub 2-IN-1 in the manual. Instead the pamphlets focus on SteamStream™ Technology that can actually remove stubborn set-in stains.

(well, we do have a stubborn set-in routine)

The convenient Fast Heating Time feature, has you ready to clean in seconds.

(okay, slow down there, pal. I’d like this to last).

At only 8 lbs, the unit is both lightweight and easy to handle, allowing you to easily transport the unit from each room, and up & down stairs.

(well, I have lost some weight this summer)

2 in 1
I took it from room-to-room-to-room, from floors to upholstery. I marvelled at the selection of 12 tools and accessories to help you change things up. There’s a Tile & Grout Scrub Brush, Upholstery Cloth, Steam Connector Hose, Carpet Glider, and more.

(accessories always make things more interesting, don’t they?)

While my wife was running around with the children finishing up back-to-school shopping and picking out winter boots and coats, I steamed my way around the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Just as I was turning the final corner, I heard the garage door open.

I rushed to greet them with a wink in my eye and a my handiwork waiting behind me.

“Your children are terrible,” she grumbled at me as she tossed me the purchases while our sons pouted up the freshly steamed stairs to their rooms for an evening without iPads as punishment.

I nodded suggestively at the shiny floors behind me, not even bothering to nod suggestively up the stairs to our bedroom at the same time.

“The house looks nice, thanks,” she quipped, making a bee-line for her office and a stack of paperwork she had been neglecting all weekend.

And there I was, alone in the front entry, holding a bag of coats in one hand, a Hoover SteamScrubTM 2-IN-1 in the other.

These studies have neglected certain control variables, I think. Household chores are just one in a very long list of factors that nix the nookie when you’re married.

To quote every villain from The Scooby Doo Show ever; “I would have made it, if it weren’t for you meddling kids.”

Oh well, at least there is late afternoon football on. I just might eat my chips and salsa off the shiny floor.

This post is sponsored by Hoover

Hoover SteamScrub 2-IN-1

Many don’t realize what lies beneath household surfaces. Dust and dust mites, skin cells, bacteria, viruses, pollen, animal dander, mold, mildew, and other harmful material can found in our homes surfaces. Often, in the hard-to-reach places that we lose sight of.

Hoover SteamScrubUsing the Hoover SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 will kill 99% of harmful bacteria on sealed hard floors.

To manage seasonal allergies and prevent your family from viruses, use Hoover’s SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 to combat daily grime. With Twin Tank Technology, the unit separates clean water from the solution, giving you the option to clean with or without solution for a light to intense steam cleaning.


 SteamStream Technology provides a direct steam spray for tough stains.
 Detachable Steamer allows you to steam anywhere with hand-held convenience.
 Steam Tool Kit includes 12 tools and accessories to steam clean everything with ease.
 Lightweight design lets you clean and carry upstairs and downstairs with ease.
 Twin Tank Technology separates clean water and solution tanks, giving you the option to clean with or without solution.


 Steam Cleaner
 Steam Connector + Hose
 XS & XL Plastic Brush for any surface from tile, sink, toilets, bath and shower
 Steel Wire Brush for very stubborn dirt on resistant surfaces like barbecue grills
 Grout Brush to lift embedded dirt from in between tiles
 Hard Surface Squeegee to clean windows, tiles and mirrors
 Upholstery Cloth to refresh clothes and upholstery
 Angled Crevice Tool for hard to reach areas around faucets, sinks, etc.
 Steam & Scrape Tool remove residue from oven, work surfaces and pans
 Carpet Glider to refresh carpets
 2 Mop Pads
 Tool Storage Bag

Hoover SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 retails for $199.99 and is available at Hoover.ca, Amazon, and other retailers.

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