[twitter]Dad 2.014 will go in January in New Orleans. It’s a conference for Dads (some Moms crash) who blog. It’s a chance for Dads to meet their online colleagues in person, gets some tips for their business, and have a good time.

In advance of Dad 2.0, a few dozen dad bloggers have gotten together to create a contest called Chuck The Chunk. Simple idea really: We’ve got 5 months before the conference, let’s get skinny/healthy.

Oh, think it’s just women who worry about weight and appearance? Nope. Guys do it too.

So starting August 1, we’ll be tipping the scales and doing the “before” shots. Then it’s 5 months of P90X, Man 2.0, 4 Hour Body, Team Diabetes Training, or whatever makes it work.

The contest isn’t Biggest Loser style where the idea is to go from fat to fit, it’s just a contest where we are trying to make the biggest improvement in our lives. There will be side bets that will involve some sort of embarrassment to be sure, but for the most part it’s just guys encouraging each other to break the mold and start new, healthy habits.

Why wait until January 1 to make a resolution? Grab a ticket to Dad 2.0 in January, and spend the next 5 months trying to Chuck The Chunk with us.

Dad Bloggers Look To Chuck The Chunkdadcamp fire

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