Calgary Dad Bloggers[twitter]I went and had coffee with a public relations rep last week. I’ve only just been starting to take the monetization of my blog seriously as a way to raise money for Team Diabetes Canada, and with a goal to raise $50k in the next two years, I wanted to make sure I knew what PR people wanted from bloggers, and to make sure I was providing it.

I don’t want this blog to get to off the rails when it comes to branded content, but look for bigger campaigns where I can share my stories, while earning money for Team D. Campaigns for Direct Energy, Life Made Delicious, and the series of movie-related giveaways you see on DadCAMP are the sort of thing I’m trying to do more of.

Along the way I discovered something very interesting: I’m the only dad blogger in Calgary – at least according to this PR Rep. When she looked for dad voices to promote a recent campaign for Western Financial Group , I was the only Dad Blogger in Calgary she could find. A city of more than 1 million with only a handful of us telling parenting stories, and only one dad is writing about it consistently? What?

Now there are dad bloggers in Calgary, just not many of them. Shane Byciuk has, but he hasn’t written on the site since 2012. Jamie Schmidt writes at A Crock of Schmidt, but admits he’s abandoned traditional “daddy blogging” to focus on being a humourist. And his stuff is good and quirky.

That’s it.  Those are all the dad bloggers in Calgary that I know.

It’s shocking to me, and I keep wondering if I’m missing something. I know there are many bloggers in Calgary (of both genders). I know a few moms in the city who have built up great content sites and huge followings. Melissa’s Family Fun Calgary is a great resource for family events. Tanya’s Rockies Family Adventures is a site I’m always using before planning outdoor adventures with the boys.

But what about the dads?

Do you know of a dad who blogs in Calgary? Let me know who he is, because this list can’t be me and a couple of other guys. I’d like to build up a network of Calgary Dad Bloggers, and get back to what DadCAMP was started for: a place for engaged and active dads to build up a social network of like minded fathers. 

There has to be more than this. There has to be.

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