Cyberbullying Is Still Bullying, Just Faster

[twitter]Another child has killed herself because of bullies. Amanda Todd was haunted from school to school by people who were mean just to be mean. They poked and prodded and teased until she gave up and hanged herself.


Who is to blame? The parents. Parents are the ones raising teens who think it is acceptable to push someone so hard they perceive death as the only way out. PARENTS did this to her.

Have you ever stopped to think what your kids are like when you’re not around? Sure, they’re angels around you, but have you ever noticed something out of the corner of your eye, or when they’re in a group that makes you think twice? Examine that feeling and try to see if you’re raising a bully.

Watch the movie Bully and understand how we, as parents, are failing the victims by blaming them for not stepping up while the assaulters walk free.

October is National Anti-Bullying Month. If your kids are on Facebook, now is the time to reset the rules so you can see not only what people are saying about them, but what they are saying about others.

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