Being a parent is arguably one of the most rewarding, enjoyable and fulfilling things you can choose to do with your life. However, ironically enough, it can also simultaneously be one of the most frustrating, exhausting and upsetting things too!

For instance, you can end up beside yourself with worry because one of your little ones is ill, or maybe you’re trying to steer your children through the after-effects of a divorce or a bereavement and you’re doing your best to help them cope with the change. Perhaps you’re simply struggling to communicate with a moody teen, and wondering why the close bond you always used to have has suddenly seemed to melt away for no good reason.

Whatever the situation you may be facing, there’s no doubt that parenting can have its significant challenges. As a result, it’s important to find ways to look after yourself as well as your children, implementing little rituals and coping mechanisms to help you survive the ups and downs with good grace and fortitude. While your kids should always be your top priority, you need to take care of your own well-being too.

With that aim in mind, here are some suggestions for fun and creative techniques you can use to recharge your batteries online. After all, relaxing baths and a good book are tried-and-tested cure- alls for frazzled nerves, but when you’re a parent, you sometimes find yourself needing all of the recharging you can get!

Give Yourself A Good Scare

Did you know that watching a good horror film or some creepy paranormal videos on YouTube can actually be good for your emotional health? It may sound counter-intuitive but watching scary movies and clips can actually help you cope better with stress or anxiety in real life. In fact, these positive side-effects have proven so pronounced that fans of horror movies have been found to cope better with the psychological impacts of Covid-19.

What better reason, then, to seek out some spooky videos on YouTube? If you prefer your scares to be on the light-hearted side then you can check out the Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural series with Shane and Ryan for some giggles as well as gasps.

Enjoy Some Lolcats

If your nerves are particularly frazzled after a long hard day of parenting, then perhaps what you need is to relax on the sofa with a soothing cup of chamomile tea and some lolcats.

Funny cat videos are not only heart-warming and amusing, but they may even have some mental and emotional health benefits. For instance, studies have found that they can improve our mood, help us communicate more effectively with others – hello, temperamental teens – and stimulate our hearts and lungs with our laughter. Who knew you could enjoy so many positive effects just from watching some cute kittens tumbling over or getting spooked by their own reflections?

Play A New Game

We know how important the act of playing is to our children and their psychological development, not to mention their emotional well-being. However, play is also important for adults, particularly at times when the whole world seems to have gone haywire.

Not sure how to rediscover your inner child? There are all kinds of ways to indulge your innate need to play and let loose, from painting and sketching in your free time, to taking dance classes, or trying out different games.

Traditional board games are a tried-and-tested form of entertainment, but these days the virtual world has plenty to offer too, from an abundance of themed apps through to online casino games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and video slots. If you’d like to try your hand at the latter, but you’re not sure how they work, you can find out with the help of online casino guides. PlayLive is the biggest online casino in South Africa, and they have an abundance of entertainment to offer, as well as plenty of helpful information. Check out these PlayLive online casino guides to discover how to
play some of the most popular games.

Feed Your Passion For New Flavors

Some people unwind by watching a cathartic film or curling up with a good book. Others turn to food and cooking for their relaxation. If you are firmly in the foodie camp, then the fact is that the  Internet is a veritable treasure trove of culinary delights just waiting for you to discover them.

Not only can you discover a smorgasbord of delicious recipes from around the world, you can also watch cooking tutorials on YouTube and pick up some top tips on how to whip up all kinds of mouth- watering treats. You never know, your kids may be even be eager to lend you a hand, leading to some fun-filled food-based bonding sessions.

Try A Guided Meditation

In our fast-paced modern world, it can become increasingly difficult to calm our racing minds and discover mental peace and stillness. While the Internet is undoubtedly partly to blame for our hectic thoughts – thanks to the sheer abundance of stimuli that bombards our brains from morning until night – it can also be the source of some welcome relief.

Guided meditation videos and meditation apps offer a convenient form of self-help guidance,
teaching us how to soothe our wired minds and remember how to be calm.

Find A Sympathetic Ear

Because parenting can be so demanding, on both a mental and physical level, sometimes it’s nice to get a fresh perspective and share your story and your hopes and fears with others. Whether you do this via an online forum or some web counselling using a professionally accredited service, the virtual world can be a welcome source of sympathetic ears and helpful advice.

Summing Up

There’s no denying that the Internet has its downsides. However, the technological world can also
bring us plenty of positives too; not least, helping us find safe, enjoyable, and amusing ways to
recharge our batteries when daily life becomes a little tiring or difficult.

As a parent, it’s important to tend to your own emotional needs as well as those of your children – and you never know: some lolcats, friendly virtual discussions, and guided meditation apps could be
just the help you’re looking for.

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