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Fall comes early on the prairies. A corn maze would usually be a Thanksgiving affair, but on what is sure to be one of the final hot days of the year, we decided to head to the deep southeast of Calgary and visit the Calgary Corn Maze.

While the corn maze Calgary gets top billing, the big attraction has to be everything else between the mazes. There is a small maze on the south side, a large maze on the north side, and in between is dozens of things for kids to do.

There’s a playground

playground at Calgary Corn Maze

There’s a chance to rope a cow

calf roping Calgary Corn Maze

There are jumping pillows

Jumping Pillows at Calgary Corn Maze

There are tractor tires to roll around in

rat roller Calgary Corn Maze

There’s mini golf and a chance to race a pedal go-kart

Bike race at Calgary Corn Maze

There are potato sack slides, and rubber duck pump races

rubber ducks Calgary Corn Maze

There are picnic areas, corn cannons, hay bale mountains, and a chance to throw balls at a target

Pop a shot at Calgary Corn Maze

There’s a petting zoo with rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep, and kittens

petting zoo Calgary Corn Maze

There are pig races and cow barrel train rides, and the corn maze. The 2014 Calgary Corn Maze is designed to salute the Calgary Flames.

Calgary Corn Maze

Calgary Corn Maze

All of these things are included with admission save for two things: the Friendly Fire air rifle course, and the Treasure Hunt panning exhibit. We chose panning and the boys had a blast sifting through the sand to find real fossils.

trasure hunt at Calgary Corn Maze

fossils at Calgary Corn Maze

This is what the Calgary Stampede‘s kid section should be: a huge variety of fun, simple things that are accessible and entertaining for kids of all ages. The fact that so many things are included in admission was wonderful. You don’t have to fumble for tickets

That said, bring your patience. Lots of it. There are many free range parents letting their kids run wild and they are hopped up on the thrills of the place plowing over younger kids, doing flips on the pillows, climbing up slides, and just being kids that are not aware of anything around them.

It was surprising to not see any staff anywhere on site save for the concessions, petting zoo, and ticket area. All of the rides were self-policing for entry, and that can lead to too many going at a time, people taking more than one turn, and a general lack of adherence to any safety.

All in all though? The Calgary Corn Maze is a huge win and a great afternoon of fun. You might even want to make a day of it as you can get food there, or bring your own for a picnic. It’s also a popular place for birthday parties.

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