What would happen if Bjork ran off Into The Night Garden with a Teletubby?

Elska would happen, that’s what.

My pal dad blogging, music loving pal, Jeff Bogle, is a huge fan. “..pure of heart, unique, musically sophisticated, and, quite frankly, absolutely breathtaking….a transcendent work that your young children will hold dear.”

Elska lives on a newly formed volcano island off the coast of Iceland. She sings in her own silly language (see Hiddi Hiddi above), but is also fluent in English. 🙂 She enjoys hiking to the Land of the Lost Socks, watching the Northern Lights, and playing with her friend, the Goobler.

Elska is bringing her Middle of Nowhere show to the Arts Commons in Calgary on February 6 and 7.

“This show is not a girl singing folk music who lives with her cat and dog, but this is a girl who lives somewhere new, with a Goobler,” explains Shelley Wollert, Elska‘s creator. “Immediately, that invites the question, ‘What is a Goobler?’ It’s an invitation to get involved. What does the Goobler do? Does he exist for real? Not everything is spelled out for kids and that is what’s really fun about it – it ignites play.”

Got kids who have wild imaginations or need to have theirs kickstarted a bit? Elska‘s show is perfect and… I’m giving away tickets!

Win tickets to Elska in Calgary

The prize is two tickets to the Sunday, February 7th show at 3:30 pm, along with Elska’s latest CD Middle of Nowhere.

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Terms and conditions: Please note this is a Calgary specific, time specific prize. Only enter if you are available to go to the performance. Prize must be accepted as awarded, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

Elska with Geysir
Photo Credit Bernhard Kristinn

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