[twitter]You know what the best part about London Drugs is? They don’t sell underwear or ties. They pretty much have everything else, but let’s skip the cheesy Father’s Day gift ideas if you don’t mind.

From computers to sports equipment to health and beauty aids (what? Dads like to feel fresh and clean too, yknow), London Drugs has your Father’s Day covered.

weather stationPerhaps your dad obsesses about the weather. This home weather station will give him all the data he needs – right down to wind chill – to complain that it’s too hot, too cold, or too wet.

If you’ve got an outdoors dad that is fine out trekking the woods, camping by a fire, or spending nights on the back deck, one of those new fangled clip on repellent devices would do him just fine.

Perhaps you have a dad that is trying to drop a few pounds on doctor’s (or Mom’s) orders, and this sleek scale will give him the inspiration to start dropping.

dirt devilGadget obsessed dads will enjoy the ability to charge their USB and Mac devices off one cable with the PlugBug.

Turnabout is fair play, in my world. Why not a tight little vacuum that dad can use to clean the boat, trailer, cabin, big rig, or man cave? We’re all about equality here, right. So let’s make vacuums a Dad’s Day gift!

I have a hearty summer of camping with my sons planned, and as it stands now, the biggest hole in our equipment list is a cooler.

Below is a great stackable Coleman cooler that holds 48 cans or 24 bottles. Honestly? I’ll likely have peanut butter sandwiches and milk in my cooler, but because of the solid shape you can keep this one on your deck and stack them up as needed depending how big a party you’ve got planned.

London Drugs Father's Day Contest

Now comes the contest part, if you’d like your own party cooler for the dad in your life, fill out the contest form below!

The contest runs from 12am June 7 to 12am June 17. You can tweet about the contest daily for more entries, so come back and spread the word.

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