There’s something to be said for a quiet, speechless moment in time with those you love. The simplest moments in fatherhood are my favorite and the most valuable.

For me, I get the warm fuzzies when I have a coffee and donut, one-on-one, with my sons. When Zacharie was into fishing, we’d get up early and have a moment before heading off to the pond.

Zacharie coffee

He’d sip a chocolate milk, crunch on a donut, and we’d just sit there. Not saying much, just enjoying the rising warmth of the sun.

I enjoy the same speechless comfort time with my grandfather. Sometimes over a coffee, or a chili, or Chinese.

Chinese Food with Grumps

I catch myself staring at him. Wondering about his life, imagining how he and I got to to this moment and just appreciating everything he’s done for me. Again, it’s not about the conversation, it’s just about the time. I try to pause time and just enjoy every second being around him. It’s nothing more than that.

And this week I had one with Charlie. Just me, and him, a coffee, a donut. And quiet.

coffee time

Marketing isn’t always about pushing the product. Often times it’s about building emotional attachments to a brand. Car makers want you to feel freedom, lingerie designers want you to feel sexy, coffee shops want you to feel nostalgic.

That last one hits me hard.

Tim Horton’s has tried for years to wrap itself in the flag, and while much of the nationalism hasn’t worked on me (I’m hardly patriotic about my coffee), the other marketing messages of small town, comfort, family, and familiarity have sunk in deeply

Like this ad about a father and son and hockey and … coffee.

So, it’s those quiet times over a coffee and donut that make me happy.

On this weekend morning with Charlie, we sat speechless with our mid-morning treats. I was simply enjoying his company and the quiet.

The couple at the table next to us were easily into their 80s. The man, in his Sunday best suit, was shuffling back and forth to the counter with his tray of coffees and muffins. His wife, her white hair shining in the morning sun, sat patiently. It was the cutest.

When he arranged everything, they sat and sipped. Quietly. In silence. Enjoying a moment. The branding came full circle. This is what the place is supposed to be about. Comfort. Family. Love. I know it’s just a fast food donut shop to most, but when I sit inside and spend time, the emotions flood over me.

I smiled to myself, looked at them, looked at my son, and dug up another scoop of oatmeal. These are the moments that are the most precious to me. Just spending time.

No, this isn’t a sponsored post. It’s just a story about wonderful moments in time I enjoy with my boys that I wanted to share.

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