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[twitter]Starting Weight: 211.4 Goal: 181
Last Week: 207.8 This Week: 208.6
Weekly Change: + 0.8 Net Change: – 2.8

Big fist of Spinach. Blueberries. Protein powder. Banana. Peaches. Puree.

That, my friends, is Daddy’s Hulk Juice, as the boys call it, and it’s what I will have for breakfast 2 or 3 times a week. It’s a good start to the day and tastes much much better than it sounds. The closest I can get the kids to it though is a quick smell and then a muscle flex to show Daddy what he will look like by Christmas when I’m The Hulk.

That all said, it was not a good week. There was some good runs, lots of bike riding with Zacharie, but sadly a few late night chocolate / snack binges have taken their toll.

My diet is a shake or yogurt with protein for breakfast. A Simply bar for a snack. A meal shake for lunch with fruit, and then a protein/salad dinner.

I did cheat bit with a few glasses of wine, not enough water, and desserts. So .. you reap what you sow. On to week 3 with plans to do better.dadcamp fire

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