[twitter]Starting Weight: 211.4
Current Weight: 207.8
Net: -3.6

I’m in a friendly wager with a few dozen dads who will be attending the Dad 2.0 Summit in January. The idea is simple: Chuck the Chunk.

We all posted before shots, took some measurements, and now we’re off to try and do our personal best. We all belong to a Facebook group where tips and encouragement are shared, along with a healthy dose of trash talk.

This is how you make a goal and stick to it, people. There is accountability, there is support, there is encouragement, there is a finish line.

My starting weight was 211.4. My goal weight is 181.  30lbs in 5 months, it should be doable. The closest I have been to that in the past few years was Christmas 2008. Jen and I did LA Weight Loss and we got good and skinny. But we didn’t keep it up. Still, that experience with LA Weight Loss has taught me how to lose weight properly, so with some sensible eating, less boozing, and more exercise, I should be able to drop it.

Here’s what I’m sticking to:

– smaller protein portions. They shouldn’t be bigger than 5oz of chicken, or 3oz of red meat

– have some protein with every meal/snack

– eat 5 times a day breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner

– load up on water and veggies

So far it’s meant a loss of 3.6 lbs in the first week. I don’t expect that pace to continue, but it’s a good start. If you need some support, and inspiration to make a life change and get healthier. Join Team Diabetes to get a running goal in front of you, and then join the rest of dads trying to #ChuckTheChunk.dadcamp fire

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