It’s for the kids. It’s always about the kids. This year my sister and brother and I put the charade away and admitted it. It’s no longer about us, it’s for the next generation. I won’t buy presents for my parents or siblings any more, but cousins, nieces and nephews will share in the surprises of the season.

I often say having kids lets you hit Ctl-Atl-Del on your life and experience the most magical times of life for a second time. Random giggles, the awe of science, the belief in the impossible all come back when you have kids. And as stressful and crazy and wild as parental life is, it goes by so fast.

The quickest way to measure it is to look at ‘the pictures you take all the time.’ School pictures, sports team pictures, pictures in the backyard pool, pictures with Santa.

For this Throwback Thursday a look back at Christmas making me feel like a kid again since 2007.

2007 Santa
2008 Santa

2009 Santa

2010 Santa

2011 Santa

2012 Santa

2013 Santa

Santa 2014

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