The Perpetual Motion of Childhood

[twitter]“I’m going to go on my running trail,” Zacharie exclaimed as he headed out, yet again, along the small paths surrounding our campsite.

Mountain bikers had carved ruts up and down the hills of the tiny valley and my son, bikeless, was running up and down.

Up and down.

Up and down.

“I love this running the track daddy!”

I just wanted to sit in my camp chair and wrap myself in the morning glow of coffee and sun streaming through the tall pines.

Zacharie Sitting In The Morning Sun

He sat, for a moment, and I captured that photo. And then he was off again. Running. Jumping. Exploring. Never sitting still.

I’m trying to take summer in slow motion, but when I watch him run, the entire world just speeds up.

When do we lose the perpetual motion of childhood? The need to constantly be moving? A new study has shown the Dad Bod is a real phenomenon, that men gain weight when they become parents. But why?

Our children are filled with boundless energy. They want to run, climb, play, jump, repeat.

I just want to sit. We should be running with our kids, chasing them up the hill. But I can’t get out of this chair. It’s morning, the coffee is warm, and I’m loving watching his smile challenge the sun’s brightness through the trees.

I love being a spectator to the wonders of childhood.

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