Chicken Soup Tweets For The Dad’s Soul

I get that the Chicken Soup books are cheese, unreadable and schlocky. I mean they even make chick lit embarassed. But there is something to be said for some poignant emotional thought that makes you take a step back and realize what life is all about.

Stuck in a rut and trying to man up for your kids and family? Take a page from David Pogue and Shel Israel and crowdsource some inspiration from Twitter:

@garyvee Put yourself 2nd and you always…I mean ALWAYS…are you listening? ALWAYYYYZ! come in 1st!

@johnchow I’m the only dad here in a sea of moms! There must be some dads who take their daughter to ballet! Right?

@benrainey Park was great, so glad for these days with my girls. Now for my favorite part of Fridays… naptime.

@shitmydadsays “I wouldn’t worry about money…No, it has a lot to do with happiness, I just meant YOU shouldn’t worry, cause you’d just piss it away.”

@FamilyDads I read a definition of “dad” that made me chuckle today: A dad is a man with pictures in his wallet where his money used to be.

@milowe Found the BEST rainy day activity today: Watching videos of the kids with them. They loved seeing themselves a couple of years ago.

@dadmeetup 3.5 YO son now insists on accenting EVERY event with: Ta dah! Bravo! or Splendid! Me: I now know what it feels like to live in the circus.

@jaypiddy My son turns 6 tomorrow!

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