[twitter]The impact Star Wars has had on my life is hard to define. It was there when I was a boy, the first movie I ever remember seeing. The original trilogy took me into my early teens.

Then, when it returned, I was an adult. Living on my own and ready to relive my youth.

Then I became a parent. And the whole thing looped back on itself. There were first Star Wars watching moments. There was the time Zacharie became a Double Jedi. There were imaginary light saber battles. There were vists to Endor and Hoth and Tattooine.

And now. Now Star Wars is coming back to visit me again.

Fresh stories to see and experience with my sons. I’ve often said having children is like hitting Ctl-Alt-Del on your life and rediscovering childhood. The Star Wars experience has been that and more for me and my boys. And while I’ve enjoyed reliving my fascination with space and good and evil for the past few years, the new stories have me geeked.

Today, a new trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was revealed.

“Chewie, we’re home.” Indeed.

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