[twitter]Charlie had his rite of passage as a member of the family last week: he made his trip to Disneyland at 5 yrs old with his grandparents.

Since 1975, it has been so. When you’re 5, the grands take you on a plane trip by yourself to the happiest place on earth. I did it, Zacharie did it, and this fall Charlie did it.

He popped on his new shoes, his most favorite bright socks and rode the shuttle to the gates.

Charlie Disney

Seriously, look at those new shoes. Somewhere, a young wicked witch is barefoot.

Charlie's new shoes

Along the way a new tradition has started: becoming a Jedi. When Zacharie graduated from the Jedi Academy on his trip in 2013, it became a wish for Charlie to become a Jedi like his brother.

Charlie at the Star Wars Jedi Academy

2015-09 Charlie Disneyland - 062And he fought Darth Vader to become one. Charlie fighting Darth Vader at Jedi Academy His trip was a hot one. The temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius every day. But there was still plenty of time for rides. charlie rides disneyland whale hot charlie rides disney rock charlie rides disneyland bumpers charlie rides disneyland cow tractors charlie rides disneyland merry charlie rides disneyland rocket And encounters with characters Charlie and the characters Charlie and Nana and Grandpapa with Mickey And a dip in the pool Charlie No Wings In Pool Charlie’s trip was a special time for his friend, Mouse. It was his birthday!! Charlie and Mouse birthday Charlie brought him along to meet Mickey Mouse and when they went into Mickey’s house one day, the Disney photographer thought it was Charlie’s birthday. Mickey, however, got it. He shook his finger wildly and pointed to Charlie’s stuffie. It was his birthday, he reminded everyone. Mickey had a great chat with Mouse (and Charlie) and hugged them all. Charlie and Mickey and Mouse Charlie’s visit coincided with the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland, so there was a big night parade with bright lights 2015-09 Charlie Disneyland - 118

And, since it was just a few weeks before Halloween, the park was getting ready for Mickey’s big boo and some characters wandered around in costume

Mickey Mouse's Halloween Costume

and there were specially themed treats.

Mickey Mouse Vampire cookie

Charlie dug into mouse eared pancakes, sat on the sidewalk waiting for parades, and skyped home to Mom and Dad.

Mickey Mouse pancakes

Charlie waiting for the Disney parade

Charlie skypes home from Disney

All the things you expect a kid and his grandparents to do while away for a week at Disneyland.

Charlie goes to Disneyland

With Disneyland admission spiking at US$400 for a family of four for a day, I’m so lucky to have parents who have made it their mission to take my kids to the happiest place on Earth. I’m so glad Charlie became a Jedi, his pal Mouse got to meet THE Mouse and that he had the experience of a lifetime.

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