Daddy and Charlie at Art Class

[twitter]When it comes to contests, Charlie wins.

He has appeared on a box of Cheerios, TWICE, and now finds himself as the winner in his first ever art contest.

Kids’ CBC runs a short Chirp cartoon in the mornings and this week asked kids to draw a picture of Chirp and send it in. Charlie immediately ran to the kitchen table, dug through his boxes of markers, crayons, and pencils, grabbed a sheet of paper, and started scribbling away.

Charlie Wins Again

Jen took a picture of “Chirp the Pirate,” submitted it, and this morning we found out he won a subscription to Chirp Magazine!

I’ve said it before, I love watching Charlie draw. He absolutely loves scribbling and colouring and creating. It reminds me of my friend, Reine. When she was younger she used to sit in the back of the class drawing. Her teachers left her alone to her craft. She is an incredible artist and I wonder, just a bit, if Charlie has that sort of creative muse in him waiting to burst out.

Last night we went to Earl’s for dinner. Charlie asked the waitress for crayons, of which they have none at Earl’s, so he grabbed a pen from Mama’s purse and started scribbling on their very funky menus. Instead of randomly scribbling all over the menu, he added to it. He created a wonderful mash-up with David Foldvari, the original artist of the William Shakespeare image, by adding a dozen balloons and blue suede shoes.

Charlie does Shakespeare

So good.

Earlier this week, He drew what I thought was a big head with weird eyes, but upon asking him about it, he said it was a couple of space ships.

Charlie draws some spaceships

Yes, he’s only 5, and I shouldn’t read too much into his “style” but he does have a very creative bent that twists reality into something truly artistic instead of a kid just trying to draw stick men and rainbows.

Everyday he comes home from school with paint and pen all over his shirt and under his nails. The kid will draw all day if you let him.

Maybe we will.

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