Charlie is 7STATE OF THE KID, January 5, 2017
48″ tall, 50 lbs, 2 teeth lost.

Happy Birthday Charlie!

I’m not saying you’re 7 going on 17, but holy cow, Choochie, have you ever blossomed in the past year. And do you ever look like your mama. We’ll play with Snapchat and do face swaps and you and mama almost look the same, even with each other’s faces!!

You are soaring at school and your peculiar knack for remembering weird things still shines. Just the other day, you looked at my glasses and said “I liked the ones you were wearing in 2015 better.” What does that even mean? You have a locked vault for a memory and constantly amaze us for your recollection of dates, random facts, and things you want.

You are happiest with a spilled box of LEGO, a pad and paper to doodle, or a book. You hum and sing to yourself when you are lost in imaginative play, and you can self-entertain all day long. Your bursting bucket of stuffies is overflowing, and you still give them all imaginative names and cuddle them each night.

You don’t like speaking on camera when we make videos, self conscious that your voice is ‘too high’ but cmon, you’re 7! You love to eat all the things, try new foods, and you’re eager to explore. You’re also a goof. You will mug for the camera, make silly faces, and you love to crack jokes.

charlie is a goof

In the days leading up to your birthday, you have expressed an eagerness to play chess and requested a bow tie as one of your birthday presents. And while we keep calling you Choochie and Charlie at home, you introduce yourself to people as “Charles” and sign some of your school work that way.

Your birthday dinner, per Master Charles’ request, was at a “real” restaurant, Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse, not the usual family chain place with funny hats and silly songs from the staff as in year’s past. No, you are proud to announce you are ‘a carnivore’ and so you wanted to go to the expensive place where the gauchos bring meat around to the tables, and you ate all the meat.

Charlie at Pampa

This year, I’ve come up with one of those “birthday quizzes” that seem to be so popular amongst parent bloggers. The idea is you’ll answer the same questions each year to see how you’re growing.

Charlie 7 Birthday Quiz

I don’t know about that ‘baker’ answer. In previous queries you’ve talked about being an art teacher, an architect, or animal rescuer. We’ll see. And skiing as your favourite sport? You’ve been 3x (although you did catch on quickly). I think Star Wars or Princess Bride would be your fave flick, but you did just watch Big Hero 6 again this week, so that’s probably why you picked it.

Your favourite team is the San Jose Sharks, and this year was your turn to choose our family winter getaway. You chose “San Jose” hoping to see the Sharks, but instead we are going to San Jose del Cabo because Mama and Daddy need a beach in the winter!

You are still very much interested in art and you’re playing your first ‘real season’ of indoor soccer this year. You’re funny to watch on the field. You have a shuffling kind of gait, you’re not particularly focused on the game, but you try hard, and you enjoy being a part of the team.

Charlie 7

For a while you’ve been asking for your hair to be cut very short, like your dads. You’ve been desperate for a ‘buzz cut’ and are very giddy that you finally got one this week. Your mama thinks it’s too short (but she always does), while I think it’s very grown up, professional, and stylish.

It was an incredible year that saw you lose teeth, travel to Australia, Florida, Ottawa, Vancouver,  climbed mountains, chase Pokemon, hug a wombat, cook on tv, run a real race, ride bikes, read big books, and tackle all sorts of things.

Charlie year

But my highlight for you was when you met Commander Chris Hadfield at a book signing just before Christmas. You leaned in, reached out your hand, looked him in the eye and confidently said “nice to meet you.” My heart beamed for you, my little man.

charlie hadfield

We are so very proud of how you’re growing up, Charlie. You are a proud, smart, confident kid who wants to put forward his best at everything.

Happy birthday, bunny!

birthday family


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