Charlie is 6 Years OldSTATE OF THE KID, January 5, 2016:
44.75″ tall, 44 lbs, 0 teeth lost.

Happy birthday, my little Chooch. And little is the first thing that comes to mind, buddy. You’re just under 45 inches tall on your 6th birthday, or just a little shorter than Zacharie was at his 5th birthday.

What you lack in stature, you’re making up in passion for life. You’re smaller and younger than the kids in your class, but you kick ass in school, Charlie. You’re already reading small books and short stories, you starred in your school play at Christmas, and you’re right where should it be with that eager-to-learn head on your shoulders.


You’re an adventurous eater too, Charlie. Your favourite food is lasagna, you’re starting to get into salad, and you’ll still eat as much fruit as anyone will give you.

You play soccer, take art classes, and love to play with LEGO.

The artistic side of you is really blossoming this year, Charlie. You’ve taken many drawing classes and this spring will move to clay and other media. You got a big boy desk for your room this year and it is always covered in pages, crayons, and pencils.

Even our driveway is an explosion of rainbows, fish, self-portraits, and monsters.

Charlie chalk drawing

You want to be a veterinarian when you grow up, but really I think you’ll end up doing something artistic and creative.

As with all kids your age, you love Star Wars. We went to see it just before Christmas and you got freaked out by the monsters on Han Solo‘s ship. Mama took you out of the theatre, but you were eager to hear what happened from your big brother.

Charlie at Star Wars
Rey is your favorite character in Star Wars and getting her speeder was your favorite Christmas gift.

Your favorite tv shows are Survivor, Amazing Race, and anything about cooking. You’ll watch all the Master Chef type shows, especially the ones with the kids competing. This year you even took some cooking classes.

You and I went on a few daytrips and camping adventures this year and, I must admit I’m a little sad to watch you turn 6, because you solidified for me that 5 really is the best age ever for little boys.

Charlie is a Goofball

One of the highlights for the year was when you came with me to a rally for Justin Trudeau just before the 2015 federal election. Look how close you got to the Prime Minister of Canada!

Charlie and Trudeau

And then there was your trip to Disneyland. You swam on your own in the big pool, met all your favorite characters, became a Jedi, and you even brought along your imaginary friend, Mouse, to celebrate his birthday with Mickey.

Charlie at Disney

You’re a mischevious little man when it comes to messing around with your brother. You two monkeys are starting to fight a little bit and, yes, it’s you that does a lot of the poking, my Chooch.

You’ll always be our baby, but you really now turning into a big kid and it’s wonderful to watch.


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