Charlie Is 3.

Birthday puppet show from @the_chooch

[twitter]Oh Choochie, what a crazy monkey you are. You are the wild one in the family, that’s for sure. You love to play on your own, creating wild adventures between good guys and bad guys, but if you’re around your brother – look out.

You may just be the size at 3, that Zacharie was at 2, but you don’t let stature stop you. You are the agressor and are down for a wrestling match at any time.

Choochie, you’re not toilet trained yet – and that’s not good. You start school next week and Sophie, our nanny, will have to sit outside the classroom “just in case.” We’ve been trying hard for 4 months to get you to use the potty, and you’re fine with placed on the plastic, but you’re not good at offering up when something is happening.

You love your Momma a lot Choochie. If she’s not around, you ask for her. “Want to see momma” you whine, even if she’s just gone to the bathroom.

This year was a wild one, my son. In September, I made headlines around the internet for declaring that Zacharie was my favorite son. That’s not a statement on the two of you, it’s one on me. I’ve not been a fan of babies during my fatherhood, and so I gravitate to Z because he can ‘do more.’ That said, after feeling the wrath of the web for my essay, I’ve made an effort to get out and play with you. We go on dates to the Lego Store, or the park, and this summer I look forward to taking you on some camping adventures.

Next week you start school, Charlie. Real school. We paid for a full year’s tuition just to hold the spot for when you turned 3. By all accounts you’re very much ready to get down to playing with les amis. And, to be honest, I’m looking forward to you getting around some peeps and getting some structure in your world. Your big brother was in daycare from 11 months, and having you home until now has seen you be babied a little more. Flying out of the nest will be good for you.

You asked for Spider-Man cake, you love to play with Batman figurines, and Star Wars stories are often part of your play time. You have a wild imagination, Charlie, and you love to get down on the carpet and play by yourself. As clingy as you are to your Momma, you’re very good at entertaining yourself.

Happy Birthday, Chooch.

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