Report card day reward, meeting Sean Monahan! #flames #nhl #hockey #charlie #zacharie

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[twitter]Charlie slipped on his Sean Monahan shirt when he got home from school yesterday. It was puck drop night and he was excited to pull on the number of his favorite player.

Who am I kidding? It was coincidence Charlie grabbed the shirt to put on, and the only reason he really likes the Flames is because the logo is a “Big C for Charlie!”

But I’m filling him in about Monahan, a guy I was lucky enough to play poker beside at the Flames Charity Poker Tournament last year. I couldn’t be more proud of Charlie tossing that #23 on. Monahan is a great kid and a very bright light for the Flames for years to come. As we settled in to watch the game, I told Charlie about the player and how, if he ever made it to the NHL, he might get to play with him.

Now a couple of things here: Charlie doesn’t skate. Both of my boys have no desire to play anything more than street hockey. But, Charlie, at nearly 5, and Monahan starting his second year in the league, could play together. That’s stunning to me at how old Charlie is, and how truly young NHL rookies are. Mindblowing.

Well, at least he got to meet him. Sean was doing an appearance at a car dealership, so I crashed it with the boys and they got some autographs and a picture (top)

Charlie also wants a coffee mug to go with this “Big C for Charlie!” shirt. Because his brother has one.

With my new gig hosting That 90s Show back on Z95-3, the team there sent me some swag to celebrate my return to the Vancouver airwaves. A mug, some headphones, a tshirt, some stickers, all with a big red Z on them.


Z mug for Z. #zacharie #z953 #that90sshow @z953van

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Zacharie loved it. Charlie hrmphed.

Wouldn’t you know it. There just happens to be a radio station named C-95 just a province over in Saskatchewan. I’m chasing them down for a tshirt and mug for Charlie so he can have some just like his brother.

In the meantime, he’ll have to be satisfied meeting Sean Monahan and that an NHL team’s logo is a “Big C for Charlie!”

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