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[twitter]Happy Chooch Day, everyone! My little Charlie is 5 today.

We finally got our planning done right, Choochie, you had your first ever birthday party on the weekend and your les amis Nattali, Samuel, Adam, Rowan, and others had a blast running around the Westside Rec Center.

After years of your birthday sneaking up on us right after the holidays, we planned ahead and sent out invites in December. Good thing too, because, just like every other year, your birthday comes before we can even catch our breath after Christmas.

So what are you like at 5? Darn curious, ambitious, and eager to catch up to the rest of the world. You love drawing, singing, and telling stories. You can play by yourself for what feels like an eternity as you make up voices and scenes with your LEGO figures.

You are trying very hard to learn how to read. You’re a passionate learner, Charlie, and we have no doubt you will make a wonderful Secret Agent Spider-Man Ninja when you grow up. Not content with your stack of Pokemon cards, you will sit at the table on weekends and after school drawing your own characters, cutting them out, and taping them together.

Christmas and birthday presents have brought buckets of art supplies to your arsenal, and they will come in handy when you start your art classes next week.

Charlie learning

You’re still playing soccer and swimming, and this week you’ll start skiing lessons with school. You’re determined to learn how to skate, and it’s just another one of those things where you demand to be included with people bigger, stronger, and older than you.
Maybe that’s because you’re the youngest in your class, but you make sure you’re invited to fit in with everyone. And fit in you do.

Tonight, after your birthday dinner out, you went rock climbing. You wanted to have a rock climbing party, but that would have been yesterday, you were still 4, and not allowed. Today you are 5, and you showed them what you were capable of as the first 2010 kid to go right to the top of the course.

Charlie goes rock climbing

You’re silly, smiling, and not letting anything get in your way.

Happy birthday, Charlie. Welcome to 5!

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